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How to Update Your Games for Latest Android
A year ago we declared that beginning from August 2018 Google Play will require all new applications and games to ... ...

How to Update Your Games for Latest Android

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Posted on: 07/23/18

A year ago we declared that beginning from August 2018 Google Play will require all new applications and games to focus on a latest Android API level set to API level 26, or higher. Furthermore, this need will reach out to updates for games beginning from November 2018.
Each new Android version presents changes that bring noteworthy security and performance improvements and improve the client experience of Android by and large. Updating your games to focus on the most recent API level guarantees that your clients can profit by these enhancements, while as yet enabling your diversions to keep running on older Android variants.

Next Steps:

   Download the Android 8.0 Oreo SDK through Android Studio by exploring to (Tools and then Android > SDK Manager > Android SDK > SDK).
  You have to update your game to target API level 26 and see whether your diversion has any contrary qualities or issues at the earliest opportunity. Now update any outside conditions as essential. Learn more about the incremental changes between versions of Android with the help of Android App Development experts.
   If you are utilizing an advertising system, SDK which is contradictory with API level 26, connect with your contacts and discover their timetable for supporting target API level 26. The sooner they're mindful of these progressions the better.
   In case if you build your game with full Unity, support for target API 26 is incorporated with Unity 5.6.6 and past. Essentially guarantee the most recent target API level is chosen in your Android assemble settings for Unity. For Unity versions 5.6.5 and earlier, counsel this documentation which incorporates a workaround for versions going back to 4.3.
   For games worked with Unreal, check your Android stage settings has the target SDK Version set to 26.
   In case you utilize Cocos2D-X, ensure the objective or target API level in the gradle.properties record that is produced.

Critical changes to know about:

1. Since API 23, we have required authorizations be asked for at runtime which helps the application install procedure.
2. Since API 24, applications can never again powerfully link against non-NDK libraries. On the off chance that your application (counting outsider static libraries) contains local code, you should just utilize open NDK APIs.
3. In case your game utilizes Android push notices, the Google Play Services SDK in game should be updated to form 10.2.1 or above for your game to help API level 26.
Keep in mind, updating the objective API level is only the initial step ensure your game is good with the conduct changes between your latest target API level and API level 26. Visit our Android Application Development  Company to check out further guidance

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